TURDUCKEN – Triple-bird-alicious!

Stand out from the flock this year by serving a turducken — a dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a deboned turkey. A dish doesn’t get more Canadian than three meats stuffed inside one another. Your guests will be left speechless!

  • Semi-boneless turkey
  • Deboned chicken
  • Deboned duck breast
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Foods for You and Your Roo!

Roo Foods is a company that will happily cater to your diverse needs. We offer catering services and ready made meals. We take into account any dietary and health considerations, and will readily accommodate these. It is our desire to provide you with healthy, delicious food, and to allow some more time for you in your busy lives…let us cook for you.

Stacy Silverstein

As a client of Roo Foods, I have always been thoroughly impressed with the quality, presentation and freshness that the dishes have to offer.


Scott is a pleasure to deal with and always has excellent menu suggestions and options available. Roo Foods has catered several events for me, both large and small. There are always rave reviews about the unique dishes and excellent taste combinations. All food is prepared with care! I will continue to be a loyal client of Roo Foods for years to come.

Stu Whittington

The food was excellent, the preparation and organization was professional and the service was friendly and efficient.


In July 2008 Roo Foods catered a garden party for us for about forty people. Scott Stubbins discussed the menu with us and then made a detailed proposal. All the food was delivered on the day of the garden party and the majority of the food was cooked at our home. I thoroughly recommend Roo Foods!

Vanessa Maynard

The food was amazing, and our favorite was definitely the Curry Chicken.


Who feels like cooking while adjusting to life with a newborn baby? I certainly did not. During our first weeks with our new baby, Roo Foods supplied my family with a months’ worth of entrees. Thank you Roo Foods!

Bruce Bennett Chair, FHPS, SAC.

Your assistance in planning the menu and in meeting our budgetary constraints helped make our Teacher Appreciation lunch highly successful.


Both times that we have used your service, we found both the quality of the food as well as the quality of your service to be outstanding. Whether for a business function, or a social fathering, Roo Foods clearly has the ability to enhance the quality of the occasion with its superb catering service. We will use Roo Foods again when the opportunity arises and would unequivocally recommend them to others.


Great food, prepared by the chef, packed by the chef and delivered by the chef.


What more could you ask for?

The Moores

The Roo Foods baby food service was a huge help to our family when our daughter was born! Having gourmet, natural baby food available for our child with no preparation time was amazing.


We felt a great sense of relief knowing that our daughter was getting only the best in her growing body at such a formative stage of her life. The cost and convenience of the service was comparable to store bought jarred baby food, but the quality was second to none….and our daughter loved everything! Thank you Roo Foods!!

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Roo Foods lunch program includes a broad range of healthy and tastey child-friendly menu items every day. We provides easy web-based lunch ordering, updated monthly menus that allow you to personalize your child’s lunch order based on their taste or dietary needs.

  • Kid-Friendly menu
  • Variety of foods to select from
  • Healthy and tasty lunches
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